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Shorts Acerbis Soft Rush 24527.318 black-yellow






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- Innovative multi-layer soft materials with high impact absorption: ventilation, protection, lightness and flexibility.
- On the upper thigh and part of the gluteal area, three layers of viscoelastic material fitted on elastic mesh extremely resistant to tears and wear, which guarantees: ventilation, protection, lightness.
- Protective EVA plates placed on the coccyx and lower lateral/front thigh.
- Biofoam padding for upper side hip protection.
- The innovative three-layer fabric design combines light weight/ventilation and ease of movement, facilitating heat exchange and breathability.
- Elastic bands on thighs with silicone inserts.

Gluteus padding:

- The unisex style, is suitable for women and men, excellent for off-road cycling and motorcycling.
- Designed for off-road terrain with special high density inserts in the ischiatic area, specially positioned to optimize comfort and performance on all terrain.
- Quick-drying fabric guaranteeing excellent breathability during the most strenuous activities.

Body Protection:

- Thigh protection EN 1621-1.
- EVA protective plate for coccyx protection.
- EVA plate side/frontal lower thigh.
- Biofoam padding for upper side hip protection.


- Polyurethane 25%
- Nylon 20%
- Synthetic resin 17.00%
- Polyester 15%
- EVA 13%
- Rubber 5%
- Polyethylene 4%
- Polypropylene 1%

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