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    Acerbis Senter Backpack 25066.319 black/grey



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    • 7lt backpack with 2lt water bag, light medium  size.
      - The innovative "X" closure system, with central quick release and 4 Velcro adjustments, cancels the oscillating effect and at the same time distributes the pressure of the shoulder straps evenly, on the chest and not on the shoulders, guaranteeing a free and unhindered driving.
      - Helmet carrying system on the backpack.
      - Outer fabric coated in rubber, to facilitate cleaning of the backpack using a wet sponge and which increases its water resistance.
      - Three-dimensional breathable mesh fabric in the area in contact with the back, with reflective shielding to keep the water bag cool.
      - Front and rear reflective inserts.
      - Customizable label for Biker identification.
      - 4 fixing points for the race number table.
      - Pockets dedicated to the transport of tools, keys, multitool, air chamber, pump.
      - Power pockets designed to accommodate bars / gels.
      - Large 180x140mm internal storage / smartphone pocket, positioned in the most protected part of the backpack.
      - Internal car key holder hook.
      Water bag
      - 2.0 liter capacity: allows for an average autonomy of 4 hours.
      - Easy to fill and clean thanks to the large sliding bar which hooks in order to guarantee watertight integrity.
      - Straw with On / Off valve and removable tube with quick coupling for easy cleaning.
      - Perfect for E-BIKE / MTB / GRAVEL use.

    • Acerbis Senter Backpack 25066.319 black/grey

      7lt backpack with 2lt water bag, light medium size.