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Givi GRT720 Canyon 25+25l






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Pair of water-resistant side bags, 25+25 ltr
Designed by GIVI for off-road Enduro motorcycles, they are equipped with Monokey® fitting system, compatible with the tubular side case holders PL_ _ _, PLR_ _ _, PLO_ _ _MK, PLOR_ _ _MK, PLO_ _ _N (+OFMK), PLOR_ _ _N (+OFMK).
Equipped with Security Lock key, which can be unified with the top case and toolbox, if required, using the SL102-SL103-SL105 kits.
The GRT720 Canyon side bags, thanks to the side loops they are equipped with, allow you to modulate the configuration of your luggage to suit your loading needs, from short day trips on a motorcycle to longer, more demanding journeys, to be faced with the addition of the GRT722 as additional side loading, withstanding heavy rain and extreme conditions.
- High tenacity 1200D W/R polyester and thermoformed PE back
- 1680D/ high tenacity PU coating
- Hypalon
- Exterior materials with high UV resistance
As standard:
- Waterproof Roll Top closure system
- Adjustable upper and lower straps equipped with clamp closure to ensure tension tightness
- Belts with tear-off pack closure at the ends
- Front flap equipped with a sturdy pvc mesh pocket on the back
- 8 Side rails to modulate additional loads such as the GRT722 exchange
- 8 load compression points
- Side eyelets for liquid drainage
- Removable internal reinforcement to stiffen the bottom of the bag
- Ergonomic handle
- Fluo yellow waterproof high frequency taped inner bag (IPX5 waterproof grade, withstands heavy rain and extreme conditions)
- Reflective motif prints for greater visibility

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