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Givi Side Bags ST609_25 ltr






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Pair of thermoformed side bags, 25 + 25 ltr.
The aerodynamic design makes them particularly suitable for sporty motorcycles, and the thermoforming process gives the bags full load capacity. Rigid but light, these bags use the Easylock quick coupling/release system, designed by Givi. To be used with the specific frames for the main models and motorcycle brands. (Refer to the MY MOTORCYCLE section to check if there are TE_ _ _ for your model).

Materials (manufactured within REACH recommendations):

-High tenacity 1200D/PVC polyester
-PU inserts
-Thermoformed EVA coated with anti-scratch PU
-UV TESTED materials

As standard:

- Thermo-sealed rain cover
- Inner elastic straps to secure cargo
- Inner lid with secondary compartment
- Handle for transportation
- Mesh inner pocket

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