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    FITCLIC NEO FN-MSM Tigra Sport phone stem mount for sport motorcycle



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    • To use your phone as a satnav and communication device on your sports motorcycle, you need a mounting system that is super secure, requires no effort to mount and take off your phone, and allows you to adjust your phone’s viewing angle at all times without the hassle of using a tool. Featuring an aluminum ball joint and versatile anchorage combinations that fit into almost any sports motorcycle fork stem tube, the FitClic Neo Motorcycle Stem Mount is the best solution for you.

      Thanks to a smart combination of small magnets, FitClic Neo is nearly 4 times easier to use and 2.5 times more secure than similar mounting systems in the market* while leaving intact the phones most critical functions**. All you need to do is to place your FitClic Neo phone case or U-TAG near the mount, and the system will do the rest like magic. Once locked, the only way to release is to rotate the lever on the mount, and all can be done with only one hand.

      Do you have a sporty motorcycle and are you looking for a phone mount that fits your motorcycle? Our new stem mount is the right product for you. Riding with the stem holder will become a real pleasure, because the phone is installed in a way that does not obstruct your field of vision during your rides. In addition, you can enjoy many features of your phone (calls, GPS, music ...) without hindrance with your intercom device.

      Our stem product is sold with 5 different sizes of spacers so that the mount can fit the largest number of fork tubes. This mount expands the range of FitClic Neo mounting models for motorcycles and scooters. We are committed to offering you a variety of models to meet your different needs in terms of mounting. You can attach any case of our FitClic Neo range, whether it is a Samsung or an iPhone, through our universal products and waterproof protections. The motorcycle mount has the same security features as our other motorcycle phone mounts in our FitClic Neo series. Your phone will be protected during all your trips.

      Model Code: FN-MSM
      - Alloy expansion anchor plus spacers of 5 different sizes fit into fork stem tubes of ID 12.8 to 35mm, the widest range in the market 
      - 17mm ball head made of aluminum for ultimate security
      - Ball joint designed to be able to adjust phone viewing angles on the move with single hand
      - High-precision threads and oversized tightening knob ensure smooth angle adjustment, completely tool-free
      - Mount base made of engineering plastics with stainless steel hardware inserts
      - Easy installation
      - With Goof-ProofTM lock for extra security
      - Works with all FitClic Neo cases and U-TAG (not included)
      - Weight:  86g (mount only)
      - Package includes mount, spacers (5 sizes) and Allen key

    • FITCLIC NEO FN-MSM Tigra Sport phone stem mount for sport motorcycle