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Tigra Sport FitClic Ring Mount MC-RM






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The FitClic phone cases are perfect for use as day-to-day phone cases. They would be even better if they come with a ring holder or kickstand so you can hold your phone securely and conveniently while at work or on the go. The FitClic Ring Mount is an ideal add-on to your FitClic phone case or U-Tag. Its oversized, rotatable and slim alloy ring makes it one of the most practical, versatile yet stylish ring mounts available. The steel plate at the center allows it to work with most magnetic mounts you may already be using at home or in your car
- Free 360° rotation
- Oversized ring
- Slim & unobtrusive, when folded adding only 4mm to your phone case
- Alloy construction
- Strong & secure
- Doubles as kickstand
- Works with most magnetic mounts for car and other indoor applications
- For all FitClic cases or U-Tag
- Weight: 13g
- Package includes Ring Mount, tool, carabiner and key ring

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