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Tigra Sport FitClic Neo Universal Waterproof Case FN-U-DRY






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You may already be using a FitClic Neo phone case and enjoying the benefits of having your phone within easy reach when going out for an adventure. Although most phones these days are already waterproof, you can’t afford to let the elements damage your precious phone. The FitClic Neo U-Dry Pouch is a great accessory to have. Simply drop your phone in a FitClic Neo Case into the U-Dry, seal it, and you are all covered. The U-Dry can be mounted on any FitClic Neo mounts you have, and you can continue to use the touchscreen. For those who can’t find a suitable FitClic Neo Case for your phone, the U-Dry also doubles as an ideal universal phone case. The included phone tray and soft spacer can be used to fit phones or phablets of different sizes.
FitClic Neo U-Dry universal waterproof pouch only. Fitclic Neo mounts to be purchased separately. 
- High Frequency Welding technology ensures water-tight protection to your phone against rain, sweat, snow, dirt and mud
- Universally fits most phones of 3.5” to 6.7” in screen size
- When used together with the inner tray, can accommodate max. phone/phone+case dimensions of 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5 mm
- When used without inner tray, can accommodate max. phone/phone+case dimensions 170 x 81 x 11mm
- Touchscreen operable
- Pocket-friendly design
- Works with all FitClic Neo mounts
- Light weight: 58g
- Package includes FitClic Neo U-Dry only

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