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Tigra Sport FitClic Neo Case FN-IPH11PM for iPhone Pro Max 11






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Tigra Sport FitClic Neo Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max (FN-IPH11PM)
This versatile mounting system attaches and detaches the phone with no effort to ensure easy access wherever you go, and keeps your phone secured in place despite demanding conditions. The FitClic Neo is the world's first ever magnetic twist-locking system for smartphones.
Featuring an intuitive combination of small magnets, FitClic Neo is much easier to use and more secure than similar mounting systems in the market. Simply place your FitClic Neo phone case or U-TAG near the mount, and the system will take care of the rest. Once secured in place, rotating the lever on the mount is the only way to release. This can be done with one hand.
- Fits iPhone 11 Pro Max
- Shock-Absorbing Frame Structure
- Raised Edges Protect Your Screen From Scratches
- Pocket-Friendly Flat Back Design
- Compatible With FitClic Neo Mounts & Accessories

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