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Ariete Unity Grips 02619 light grey






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Ariete Unity Slimline 02619 is part of Ariete Off-Road technical grips, whose form was sculpted in real time by the hands and experience of top riders.
Different compounds have been moulded into critical areas of the grip so as to maximise comfort and durability.
- Moulded in a single-compound format
- With an all-over grippy diamond surface
- Pronounced inner flange
- Anatomically-profiled channel at the inner end for thumb and forefinger
- Outer cap pre-marked for piercing, with a cutting guide for use with all-round hand guards
- Four wire-on grooves for extra security
- The fourth groove is at the extreme outer end of the grip, and prevents grit from being trapped between bar and grip or bar and twist grip when used with hand guards.
The hypo-allergenic material used in the production of these grips, exclusive to ARIETE, was developed to get exceptional characteristics:
- The surface is not porous
- The molecular structure is dense
- It absorbs and neutralizes vibration
- It is durable, and not subject to cracking
- It performs superlatively in the “Grip test”
Details & Dimensions:
- Hypo-allergenic and grippy material
- Universal model for handlebars 7/8” – diam. 22/24 mm
- Pack pair

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