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Abus Detecto 8078a Smartx yellow






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Do you ever wonder how you can spoil the fun of opportunists and thieves who want to get up to all sorts of mischief with your motorcycle? Well there is a clear unequivocal answer to that. From Abus, with the *Detecto 8078 SmartX* alarm lock. This brake disc lock combines mechanical security with smarter technology and is also incredibly easy to use. In this case the mobile phone becomes a "remote control key" and central control panel.

- SmartX locking system with Bluetooth - high-quality, keyless locking system. The lock is paired with your smartphone once, then programmed.

To open: bring your smartphone within a certain radius of the lock and push the lock against the brake disc by touching it gently, the lock unlocks. To close: press the locking pin against the brake disc, the lock locks automatically

- The alarm triggered in the event of attacks by thieves emits a volume of 100 decibels
- 3D Position Detection detects vibrations and the tiniest movements and triggers an alarm during attempted attacks
- Reminder function, if no further attack is detected once the alarm is triggered, the position sensor recalibrates itself. The alarm does not need to be deactivated or reactivated
- Locking pin made of 13.5 mm hardened steel. The lock body and bearing parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel
- USB-C connection facilitates easy recharging of the lock
- Multi-Color LED: indicates the battery and activity status

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