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TRK33N Trekker Top Box - Side Case Monokey GIVI






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The sturdy GIVI Trekker 33 Side Case - Top Box is exceptionally practical for a couple of reasons. For starters it can be used as either a side case or a top box, but furthermore it has a unique lid which can be opened fully in the standard fashion or instead a smaller section of the lid can be opened – a feature which is especially useful when the box is being used as a side case. Please look at our detailed photo gallery to see this feature in action. On top of this, GIVI's revolutionary Monokey® system allows for easy locking and attachment. GIVI products are renowned for their reliability, and as such this top box comes with a two year guarantee. The GIVI TRK33N Trekker can take a wide selection of accessories, such as the GIVI E125 Four Rings Kit which can attach a carry net to the Trekker 33 to allow for even more luggage capacity.

This side case requires a specific GIVI fitting kit.

maximum load: 10 kg
volume: 33 litres
sizes: 411 x 230 x 526 mm (height x depth x width)

GIVI - Trekker

Grecia Givi Trekker


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