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TRK46B Trekker Black Line Side Case Monokey GIVI






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This 46 litre GIVI Trekker Black Line Side Case is exceptionally practical for a couple of reasons. For starters it can be used as either a side case or a top box, but furthermore it has a unique lid which can be opened fully in the standard fashion or a smaller section of the lid can be opened – a feature which is especially useful when the box is being used as a side case. Please look at our detailed photo gallery to see this feature in action. On top of this, GIVI's revolutionary Monokey system allows for easy locking and attachment. The GIVI TRK46B Trekker Black Line can fit a wide selection of accessories, such as the GIVI E125 Four Rings Kit which can attach a carry net to the Trekker 46 to allow for even more luggage capacity.

This pannier requires a specific GIVI fitting kit.

maximum load: 10 kg
volume: 46 litres
sizes: 411 x 310 x 526 mm (height x depth x width)

GIVI - Trekker


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