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    GKA ATV Case C405 rear Uinique



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    • The GKA C 405 universal trunk is compatible with most ATV models. The trunk has a modern design, and the complex geometry of the trunk is not only a design element but also with a similar weight increases the strength of the trunk due to the presence of stiffeners. The volume of 140 liters will allow you to easily place 2 helmets in the trunk, as well as all the necessary equipment. The C 405 trunk is well suited for both long-distance expeditions and family vacations. Reliable metal locks are locked with a key, ensuring the safety of your belongings. The sealing rubber band on the trunk lid will protect your belongings from moisture, dirt, and dust, even in the most severe operating conditions.

      - Made of first-class imported high-density polyethylene.
      - On the top cover, a sealing rubber band protects against moisture entering the trunk.
      - Metal locks that lock with a key.
      - 2 red reflectors on the back of the trunk.
      - Universal mounting kit " U " shape is easy to install and securely fixes the trunk on the Luggage rack.
      - Dim. LWH: 1160x638x370 mm
      - Weight: 9.5 kg
      - Volume: 140 liters

    • GKA ATV Case C405 rear Uinique