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Muc Off High Pressure Quick Drying Degreaser 750ml






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With its heavy-duty formula and high-pressure turbo spray, our Quick Drying Degreaser makes light work of oil build up. Eliminating grease and grime, it cuts through thick build up and suitable for all purposes including gears and components.
- No rinse heavy duty formula
- Can be used on chains, gears, mechs and individual components
- Works on the toughest waterproof grease and chain wax
- New high-pressure turbo spray
- Easily cuts through tough grease in seconds
- Safe on O, X and Z-rings
How to
1. Use in a well-ventilated area.
2. Then use a brush or a rag to agitate any stubborn sections of grime.
3. Then your chain will be clean and ready for lubrication or protective treatments.
4. If you’re unsure of surface compatibility or if your bike has non factory finishes test a small area before use.
5. Store in a cool dry place.

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