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Airoh Aviator 3 Rainbow white gloss






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Τhe latest version of the legendary Aviator. The definitive off-road helmet is now even better. Airoh evolves its successful top of the range helmet and endows the Aviator 3 with the latest technological advances. It is characterized for incorporating the AMS2 protection system (Airoh Multiaction Safety System), the A.M.L.S. system (Airoh Magnetic Lining System) and has the A. E. F. R system (Airoh Emergency Fast Remove). Special attention has been paid to the aerodynamics and it has a fully evolved ventilation system integrated into the helmet’s design.
Outer shell made of latest generation 3K carbon.  
The outer shell is made in 4 shell sizes to offer a high level of comfort and to adapt perfectly to the physique of each rider.  
The shape of the helmet has been redesigned using the wind tunnel to perfect the shape as well as the performance. Great attention has been paid to enhancing the aerodynamic efficiency, improving stability even at high speeds and the thermodynamics to optimise the thermoregulation.
AMS2 System
The Aviator 3 incorporates the AMS2 protection system (Airoh Multiaction Safety System) which provides greater safety, ventilation and comfort. It is a system that provides a greater absorption of the rotational energy transmitted to the head in case of an angled impact, thus reducing the risk of brain injury. Airoh patented technology.
A.M.L.S System
New, fully removable and washable interior padding with a magnetic coupling system.
Interior padding manufactured in Microsense microfiber with hypoallergenic treatment, prevents the entry of dust and ensures a very cool sensation. Its structure allows for the circulation of air through the padding and extracts moisture to the exterior.  
A.H.S  System
Innovative A.H.S. hydration system (Airoh Hydration System) integrated into the EPS.
A. E. F. R System
Incorporating the A. E. F. R system (Airoh Emergency Fast Remove), which facilitates the extraction of the helmet from the outside in case of an accident, since it allows the extraction of the side padding.
Aluminium double-buckle closure system.    
With 6 air inlets in the front, the upper part and the chin bar to achieve optimum control of the internal temperature.  
It also has spoilers with integrated air extractors that allow the exit of the hot air generated in the interior of the helmet.    
The entry of the chin bar incorporates a grate to prevent the entry of stones and incorporates a small filter to prevent the entry of dust.    
Possibility to install vent covers on the top of the shell.    
Other features:  
- Visor adjustable with fast acting screws.    
- Appendix of the visor is adjustable.    
- Detachable breath guard.  
- Support for GoPro camera built in.    
- Includes an accessory kit.  
- Includes bag.  
- Weight: 1290g (+/-50g).
- Homologation ECE 22.05 (ECE / ONU R22.05)

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