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    HJC F-71 Bard MC5

    HJC F-71 Bard MC5
    • HJC F-71 Bard MC5
    • HJC F-71 Bard MC5
    • HJC F-71 Bard MC5
    • HJC F-71 Bard MC5



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      - Advanced Fiberglass Composite Shell: Lightweight, superior fit and comfort.
      - Pinlock Ready HJ-38 Visor: Provides 99% UV protection, Anti-Scratch coated; Two Way Pivot Ratchet smooth ratchet movement & improved sealing.
      - Aerodynamic shell structure for extreme performance at maximum speeds.
      - “ACS” Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Full front-to-back airfl ow fl ushes heat and humidity out of the helmet.
      - Emergency Kit (Cheek Pads) for safe and quick rescue in emergency situation.
      - Dynamic Multi-Step Sun shield for optimized position.
      - Wider eye port provides better peripheral vision for riders.
      - Enhanced Visor Dual Lock System for high speed racing condition.
      - Interior with advanced anti-bacteria fabric provides enhanced moisture wicking and quick drying function.
      - Crown and cheek pads are removable and washable.
      - It comes standard with Pinlock, Chin Curtain and Breath deflector.
      - Ready for SMART HJC 11B, 21B & 50B Bluetooth (sold separately).

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      HJC F-71 Bard MC5

      HJC F-71 Bard MC5