Macna Redox black/camo






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The Macna Redox jacket is an all weather, waterproof jacket perfect for city runs and touring. It has a Durylon 800DL and Macna Dazzle outer with a three-layer lining with detachable Raintex waterproof and thermal linings. Inside the jacket has CE approved armour in shoulders and elbows with a pocket for a back protector (sold separately). The jacket also has air vents, a detachable hood and zip to attach to trousers. It also has the unique Side Eye and Night Eye technology which is designed to give you maximum visibility on the roads. There are tiny glass beads bonded into the fabric, which work as a cat eye would by reflecting back light shone onto it.

Weather type: All-weather, Waterproof
Style: City, Tour
Materials: Durylon 800 DL, Macna Dazzle
Lining: 3-layer system with detachable Raintex membrane and thermo liner
Visibility: Night Eye, Side Eye
Ventilation: Air vents
Protection: Safetech CE protection at shoulder and elbow, CE backprotector prepared
Other specs: Detachable hood, Hotvest Prepared, Short connection zipper
Gender: Men


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