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Macna Promix Jacket 180 Night Eye






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- Waterproof textile jacket all weather use
- Removable lining
- Loop for belt to fix this jacket to the belt of your jeans.
- Fixation for hood, so it won't flap around in the wind.
- Prepared for heated vest to fit the Hotvest add-on.
- Large mesh panels for extra cooling.
- Adjustable straps for a snug fit.
- Detachable hood
- Hoody holder
- Prepared for back protector
- Prepared for chest protector
- Protection on elbow CE Level 1
- Protection on shoulder CE Level 1
- Laminated reflection
- Short connection zipper
- Custom - retro style
- Suitable for touring - adventure
- Raintex - Raintex+
- SCS Lite - One zipper, two options: reveal a strip of mesh or close it entirely. Turn your jacket into a summer jacket on the fly!
- Easy Cuff Light
- Night Eye - Dark grey by day, luminous at night! The fabric is coated with lots of tiny beads, acting as satellite dishes, reflecting light back to its source. In your case, the traffic around you.
- Zip-grip : Zipping up when wearing gloves just got easier, thanks to the the stiff triangular direct connection with the zip.

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