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Spidi Metro Windout Lady Gloves black 026






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The new EN13594:2015 certified SPIDI Metro Windout gloves are designed to be genuine all-day wearable motorcycle gloves with a strong focus on both comfort and safety. Each glove has a 0.6mm to 0.8mm goat leather outer, prized for its low weight and exceptionally high abrasion-resistance. For comfort there’s a knitted cuff and an elastic fabric multi-layer chassis, with a breathable Windout (windproof) membrane. Metro Windout gloves have an index finger that is capacitive touchscreen capable and will work on all modern smartphones, GPS devices, and other touchscreen electronics. For safety the Metro Windout has reinforcements on the knuckles, padding on the side of each hand, padding on the palms, and double-layer leather protection on the outside of the hand, and the upper palms. The gloves are fastened with an adjustable velcro cuff strap, designed to keep the gloves firmly attached. 
- PPE protective motorcycle gloves EN 13594: 2015 certified with Lev.1 knuckles protectors
- Palm padding
- Back of hand padding
- Windproof breathable garment Windout
- Knitted cuff
- Average weight 0,2 Kg
- Touchscreen
- Wristband adjustment and wrist closure
- Polar microfleece
- Softcell: elastic multilayer fabric
- High resistant suede microfiber
- Goat Leather, 0.6/ 0.8 mm thick, high fitting performance

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