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Five Kansas Lady Black






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The Kansas stands out as our most protective custom glove. Featuring a one-piece metacarpal protective shell inserted underneath the leather, and several reinforcements on exposed zones, it offers extra comfort and exceptional adjustability and touch sensitivity on the controls, due to, among other elements, its outer stitching. Its countless details, comfort gussets and topstitching, double closure with a zipper and leather and Velcro flap, or its incredible level of finishing, make it a piece that leather lovers who want to look good will appreciate, without neglecting their safety. The Kansas marvelously combines classic style with a modern touch, since its index finger hosts the  Touch Screen™ system that allows you to handle  Touch Screens without removing your glove.


- Total full-grain goatskin construction for suppleness (palm and topside), perforated for ventilation (topside).
- One-piece PU metacarpal-knuckle protective shell underneath the leather.
- Outer stitching on the fingers for optimal fit.
- Closure and adjustment system with zipper + Velcro tab and on-off pull tab.
- Leather accordion comfort panels on fingers and thumb.
- Accordion leather + Elastic cuff for greater comfort.
- Hypothenar muscle protection with full-grain cowhide reinforcement panel and memory foam featuring embossed logo.
- Touch Screen™ system on index finger for handling  Touch Screens.
- Shape and size adapted to the feminine form.

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