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    MACNA Progress RTX DL Gloves black 101



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    • If you’re a daily commuter catching rain on a regular, Direct Laminate is the way to go. This water repellent membrane is fixed directly against the outer shell, leaving no room in between layers. So rather than sucking itself full of water, getting cold, soggy and heavy, the glove will be lighter and warmer. It also means your electric heat support works more efficiently in wet conditions.The double waterproof elastic cuff provides a superb fit with your sleeve to ensure no water enters either one of them.
      Like most of our electrically heated products, the Progress glove contains the Dual Power technology. This enables you to choose between a 7,4 or 12 Volt power supply, which can be a separate battery or a direct connection to your motorcycle. We offer different batteries and numerous cable options to provide endless warmth with only one power source for your entire set-up; jacket, pants and socks included.
      The Progress glove has a handy button that indicates the battery status and current power level. There are four different levels of intensity which can be adjusted by 20% with a single push on the button. Each level is indicated in its own colour for you to easily spot if the heat is on. The alternative to the button is the Macna Heated app in which you can manage all of your heated products on one single screen. Visit the App- or Play Store to download the app for free and have a look around!

    • MACNA Progress RTX DL Gloves black 101