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Five E3 Evo orange






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After winning the title of Enduro GP 2019 World Champion on the hands of Steve Holcombe, It’s more than enough to satisfy Enduro lovers and ramblers who are exacting…but frugal.

- Sublimated Spandex and Polymesh construction (topside) / Ax Suede Cinco (palm).
- Soft TPR metacarpo-phalangeal protective shell concealed under fabric.
- Soft TPR phalangeal mini protective shell (index, middle, ring fingers).
- Synthetic leather reinforcement on the hypothenar muscle.
- Synthetic leather thumb reinforcement at the zone of contact with the handlebars.
- Silicone print on the palm to enhance grip.
- Fourchettes (finger contours) in Heavy Lycra® to boost flexibility and airflow.
- Closure system with Velcro flap and pull tab.
- Touch Screen system for using device screens (GPS, smartphone).
- CE certified (open-road use).

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