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Five RS2 21 black/khaki






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- (Topside) Full-grain goat leather construction for suppleness, perforated for ventilation/4-Way Spandex/Neoprene.
- (Palm) Synthetic leather with goat-leather reinforcement on the hypothenar.
- FIVE ERGO PROTECH™ one-piece metacarpophalangeal PVC protective shell underneath the leather.
- FIVE protective logos in TPR on the metacarpals.
- Mini-protective shells in soft TPR on the index and middle fingers.
- Hypothenar protective shell (palm slider) in TPR.
- Protective reinforcements in 3 mm foam underneath the leather on the ring and little fingers.
- Leather accordion comfort gussets on the thumbs.
- Fourchettes (finger contours) in stretch Nylon.
- Neoprene wristband for enhanced comfort.
- TPR + Velcro tab closure system and Lycra gusset.
- Pull N Ride leather pull tab.
- Touch Screen™ system for handling electronic devices, on the index finger.

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