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Rev'It G-Force H2O black/neon red






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Taking their inspiration straight from the MotoGP and WSBK worlds, the sportive and waterproof G-Force H2O paddock shoes have been designed to pair perfectly with slim-fitting riding jeans and a cool, leather sport jacket. Wear them on your daily commute or for a casual weekend ride into or around the city.
And since they keep the water out, they have multi-seasonal use built into their DNA. The G-Force H2O shoes tick all the safety boxes thanks to a tough leather exterior, an injected ankle cup, and thermoformed heel cups and toe caps. Taking care of the waterproofing component is the incorporated hydratex®|Z-liner. It keeps the water out but allows your feet to breathe.
Aside from safety, comfort is second to none. You can walk in these shoes all day long without a problem; something that’s made possible by the inclusion of the OrthoLite® X40 insole.
Great sport style, comfort when riding and walking, and the right kind of protection for your feet. Not to mention waterproofing. That sums up the G-Force H2O shoes quite nicely.
- OrthoLite® X40™ foam insole
- Padded tongue
- Rubber gear shift pad
- Slip-resistant sole
- Waterproof hydratex®|Z-liner
- Injected ankle cup
- Reinforced side panel
- Reinforced ankle
- Reinforced heel
- Reinforced toe
- Thermoformed heel cup
- Thermoformed toecap
- Extra pair of laces in different color
- Artificial Leather
- Artificial suede microfiber
- Nylon ripstop
- Rubber
- Seamless TPU film
- Soft mesh lining
- Reflection at heel
These boots or shoes are certified according to the EN 13634 Standard, published in 2017 and have achieved level 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 rating.

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